Monday, September 27, 2010

It's My Anniversary...But I'm Not Drinkin' Champagne...But I Wish I Was!

It has been a full year that I have been writing my blog. I tried to think of some really creative post about my year in retrospect, but I've been there and done that in previous posts. So I am re-posting the original post that started it all. It's actually my favorite post that I have written. Thank you to everyone that has read and continues to read my blog. The next year has alot in store, with a new baby on the way, catering business really picking up, and the seeds that we sowed this past year coming to harvest in the upcoming months. Life is good and getting better.

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  1. Oh damn. I missed out a year of this blog :( ill definitely catch up. I read your very first blog and loved it. Congratulations on the success of 8. Keep it up :)