Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Got Full on This!?

So here's a question...Have you ever eaten a meal and afterwards wished you hadn't wasted your chewing power on it? Even contemplated, "Should I pull a Lindsey Lohan and barf this up?" I'm not talking about when you eat a bacon pastrami burger with a fried egg on top, when you should have had a watercress and radicchio salad with a wisp of sea salt. I'm talkin' about spending $16.48 on some tacos that tasted like Fancy Feast cat food with some ancho chile powder sprinkled on top, with a greasy taco shell that falls apart like white bread on Sloppy Joe sandwiches.

I should have known better. It's against my nature to eat at quick stop unknown taquerias, but I had just watched Anthony Bourdain and homie was talking about the exquisite simplicity of eating at the hole in the wall mom and pop joints. So I got brave.

The day before I made pancakes from scratch, hot deli subs for lunch and my yellow chicken curry for dinner. Last night, I spent five hours with my lil' sis just on the set up for this blog, I didn't feel like cooking. Sorry, my cape was at Swanson's cleaners. A girl can't be half woman, half amazing everyday!

As I sat on the steps of the deck in our backyard with my sister, I thought, "Why am I still eating this crap?" My sister who was giving me sideways glances was probably thinking the same, but since she just got a free meal, she wasn't gonna dare say anything. So we sat there in silence, giving each other sideways glances to see who would stop eating first. Finally I couldn't take it and turned to her and said, "These tacos suck!" She swallowed what she had in her mouth like it was broken glass and simply said, "yup". And with that, one and a half tacos deep, we were done. Thank God for the Jarritos to wash those bad boys down.

Lesson learned: No matter how tired I am, like He-Man calling on the power of Grey Skull, I need to pull the Susie homemaker from within and sack up and cook a decent meal. Or find a better taqueria. Any suggestions people?


  1. lol the funny thing is i told nick about the tacos when i got home and how bad they were but that i didn't say anything because you bought me dinner. they really did taste like cat food.

  2. Yeah. It's called Jimboys. And it's healthy for you because your body rejects it fast enough to where none of the fat and oil has any time to absorb into your body before it turns into a projectile ejecting from your orifices. Classy, I know.

  3. Hey N'gina!!! Your post inspired me and for a while I thought about making a homemade burger for dinner, but I ended up going to In-n-Out instead. Enjoyed that double-double down to the last bite! miss u and your homemade/gourmet food

  4. aw man! you need to come to vegas haha they have the best taco place around called Robertos. MMMM it's delicious. But I don't think anything beats a homecooked meal. nomnomnom