Thursday, August 18, 2011

Drowning on Dry Land

I feel like a super scumbag that I have not given this blog more attention. Life has completely gotten out of control for me and finding the time to write a blog has, again, been shoved in the back of the closet to collect dust. I asked for this life, so I really can't complain. Our catering business has grown into an all inclusive wedding planning business that is booming, new business projects are coming together that will launch in the next two months and in late 2012. I am making efforts to honor the requests to spend more time with friends and family and also try squeeze in four gym sessions a week for my health that my mother nags me about. My calendar looks like class notes, with everyday filled with two to three meetings or projects or whatever! Then add the daily "shit-to-do" cook two meals, take care of the kids, grocery shop,'s exhausting...and I'm tired...
So all this ambition and what I am left with at the end of the day is an overweight, pissed off, slightly buzzed woman that just wants to be left alone. How do I find some peace and balance. I can't even take a yoga class without worrying how bad my daughter is crying at the daycare center. Real talk there are days that I just want to walk away...from it all. I see how weaker people do that. In the end I never would, but I need some help and I need help my way.
A friend of mine suggested hiring an intern, and you know what...that is a fucking great idea. I need someone who's not my friend, who wants to learn this industry and when I say "jump" his or her feet are in the air. I'm not the stereotypical "bitchy" boss. I have strong business standards and a stronger work ethic and I expect the same from those that work for me and with me. You don't own two businesses and about to start a third without having your shit together.
So I'll try this intern thang and see how it unfolds, maybe this is the catalyst that helps me find balance, or allows me to grow my business even more. I've said this for months,"I'm not trying to be Wonder Woman, I'd rather be part of the Justice League." I promise that the food based posts are on their way and will be more often. I just gotta play a little catch up. Thanks for hanging in there while I find my life preserver. image via "we heart it"