Thursday, September 1, 2011

Change is in the Air

So today I started my first round of interviewing interns to assist me in this wedding planning thang. Unfortunately for me, I forgot that when you decide to start a detox a week before, when you get hot and start to sweat that you smell like "The Whole Earth Festival" in Davis. Ugh!!! Five interviews, three hours, and the whole time I'm thinking, "Damn I'm earthy?" If I was at Burning Man I would have got hella numbers. With my birthday looming 17 days away, I'm trying to bring balance to my life and that means asking for help and getting it; as well as eating healthier, exercising and getting some alone time to reflect on what is going on. I hope that I will find a great candidate to help me with the future of our growing company and I hope that tomorrow the 15 swipes of deodorant that I put on holds up to round two of interviews. For now, here is the recipe for the smoothie I have for lunch everyday that gives me that wonderful Height Ashbury aroma. I'd give it up, but I have lost 6 pounds in a week and my skin looks fuckin' awesome! So I'll keep drinkin'!