Monday, March 28, 2011

I ate frosting for breakfast...and lunch.

"I think my lungs are full of gold luster dust." That was my sister's only complaint Sunday morning after helping me pull a twelve hour wedding cake build off on Saturday. Some friends and ex co-workers are getting married today and they asked if this novice baker could make their wedding cake. I have to say I love the opportunity to make wedding cakes when I can, but they do scare the shit out me. I guess because it means so much to the people that I make them for and I want the couple to be truly happy with the cake that they receive. I hope that one day, maybe, I will stress less over people's cakes, but maybe it's good that I care too much because it keeps me on my game and striving to do more and better.

I have to give a big shout out to Kate Sullivan from "Spread the Love", she made the most amazing custom large gumpaste roses that we used on the cake along with some store bought flowers that we enhanced. When I opened the box to see two roses, when I only ordered one, (but she wanted to make sure the color was right) I swooned! I'm pretty sure my neighbor heard me screaming, "Hells yea!" Please go check out her Etsy shop, she makes custom flowers and other great sugary goodies! Thank you Kate the flowers were amazing!!