Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Non-Gold Digger Lookin' for Scrilla...Fo' Rilla'

So to those who may not know, since June of this year my husband and I got into the catering business. (By accident) OMFG! My husband warned me. He said, "Babe, you've never catered before. It's completely different from running banquets at a hotel or restaurant." And to those who may not know, I'm a hard-headed, self proclaimed bad ass. You can't tell me spit. I looked at my husband and with assuring eyes said, "Sure babe, I trust you." Who wouldn't, the man was in charge of 300 person caterings for Dean and Deluca. Meanwhile, my brain was saying, "Ppfft! Does he not understand what kind of experience I have! 1200 person holiday banquets, 15 years in the industry, and on top of that, bartending at the E40 after party at the Sheraton before the cops shut it down. (Now that was bananas. Take "New Jack City" and add a little "Coyote Ugly", that best describes that experience.)

To digress...long story short, on the night of our first catering my husband took pride and redemption in watching me run around cracked out on 5-hour Energy and Red Bull, barking orders, run/walking through the back of the wedding venue and generally losing my mind.

He laughed inside and out and later on the tailgate of our truck at around 12:15am, he passed me the flask of Jameson and said, "I love you, but I told you so." Through tears of exhaustion, embarrassment and joy of completing our first gig I just turned to him, quietly nodded and put my head on his shoulder.

As I said before we got into the catering business by accident. Our true goal is to open a bistro here in Sacramento, and literally we are almost there. What's the hold up you ask? MONEY! So that's been my mission for the past four months. Finding investors in this economy is like trying to find a plate of huevos rancheros at the Hauf Brau. It's frustrating. I'm starting to realize I might have to become part of the Sacramento glitterati to find someone who can invest in our dream. Uugh! Honestly, I don't want to have to go shake n' bake, bat my eyelashes, trade business cards and give fake kisses to acquaintances to get the inside track on somebody that knows somebody that possibly has money to invest. I want to have a genuine conversation with someone who sees that I have passion, intelligence and the were with all to be successful. Is that too much to ask, for no more phoney ass, cartoon, reality TV wanna-be's. Real people what's your 20! I'm lookin' for you.


  1. Great story about your first catering gig.I too was a caterer in Reno for almost 6 years. I could write a book about the experiences that I have had. In fact,I will one of these days.Good luck in your adventure and let me tell you it will be an adventure.
    Hang in there
    Carole (Primeau) Newman

  2. I just don't think that there is anyway around schmoozing...we all got to suck ass sometime somewhere somehow.

    The thing is is that all you're really doing is taking your brilliant creativity that is bundled up in this bistro and put it in a pretty package that makes people want to buy it. Batting your eyelashes and kissing cheeks (both kinds) at fancy parties is just putting a bow and fancy wrapping paper on an already amazing idea...its just the enticement some people need to open the present and see the wonder inside.