Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Can't Always Get Whatcha Want

First off I want to start today's entry with a thank you to everyone that has taken the time to read this blog. I've loved all your comments, they've made me laugh and made me think. To Vanny, guurl I've already started planning the trip to Vegas 2010! Roberto's or bust. Es tiempo para un buen cerveza y comida. OoooEee!
So two nights ago was the Herncia bartenders competition at Zocalo. There were 9 bartenders competing for bragging rights over who had the the best tequila based cocktail. It was great to come out and support these men and women mixologist. Now let me tell you what wasn't great.
1.) The bartenders had to create their cocktails behind the bar, working simultaneously with the staff, creating a traffic jam of bartenders dancing around each other and spectators jockeying for space at the bar to watch the competition next to patrons that were there to watch the football game.
2.) When the competition was over they brought the bartenders into a private dining room with guest that paid $50.00 a head for a coursed dinner to announce the winner. There was a verbal uproar from supportive friends and family as management pulled the curtains closed shutting us out from the verdict. (Management quickly rethought their decision and opened the curtains.)
It was an aggravating night to say the least. When our homeboy Chris didn't even place, I felt like going into black girl pose #325. One hand on the hip, finger waggin' with the other, poppin' my hips back and forth saying, "Aaaw hell naw!" But instead I smiled sweetly and golf clapped.
Chris I thought your drink was fabulous. You'll get 'em next time. To Herncia, your tequila is delicious. It's bouquet was wonderful, it was smooth and had amazing drinkability as a sipping spirit. To Zocalo, one big thumb down. Love your restaurant, but don't love how you ran things the other night. It was clear who the VIP's were and who were not and for an establishment such as Zocalo I would hope that you would make all guest feel welcomed and appreciated, since they were supporting your business with their dollars.
p.s- R.I.P Gourmet Magazine. I will always love you and your sick recipes and articles.

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  1. omg my chef/teacher was just talking today about how Gourmet was going out of business or something! how weird! I've never read it though. HMMMMM... and I literally lol'd when you talked about black girl pose #325. I wish we had something cool for us filipino's! hahahah come here girl!<3